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We Provide...


  • A welcoming learning environment, full of opportunities for children to explore, practice and develop new skills through play

  • Experienced staff who understand how young children learn and who plan imaginative and challenging activities

  • Strong working relationships with parents and carers so that together we can support children as they learn and develop.

Welcome to Eastfield Nursery School

At Eastfield Nursery School we are passionate about providing high quality early education that gives children a strong foundation for future learning.


Our experienced, skilled team of teachers and early years educators ensure children have an excellent start to their education providing children with rich learning opportunities. 


As a Local Authority maintained nursery school we provide early education for children aged 3-4 years old.  We also offer Terrific for Twos provision for children aged two. The Nursery school is proud to have been rated ‘Outstanding ‘by Ofsted at its last three inspections.


Emma Smith

Head Teacher

‘The school is an outstandingly harmonious community. Children play and work together very happily and they show considerable pride in their work’.


Ofsted 2012

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